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Wanda didn't know why she was being held at the police station, why the handcuffs were needed, or why the officers arrested her. They went on about charging her with multiple crimes--which was ludicrous. She was an Avenger. She was one of the heroes that risked her life day in and day out to make sure the ugly parts of HYDRA were dead, or stayed dead. The dark haired woman was trying to make amends for her wrong doings. She was atoning for what happened in Sokovia, but she was being treated like a common criminal.

No one was above the law, but they had to see the error they made. Regardless, she was picked up and taken to a police station. Was this what she got to wandering New York city on her own? She didn't do anything wrong, only hid her face with a baseball cap and sunglasses. Yet, she was spotted and then the guns were drawn. Her hands went up...and then she was taken to a station.

A detective walked into the room, sitting on the table where her hands were cuffed to. Surely, they had to know how stupid it was to contain her. The woman could manipulate minds, fears, and hold people down could not be restrained by mere handcuffs. The detective, Misti was it? Told her there were three cases where her name was thrown in and were committed in her 'name.' It didn't make sense. She wouldn't use her powers on innocent people.

And as much as she could have contacted Tony and he could call multiple lawyers...she didn't. She was still trying to process what was going on. Yes, she needed a lawyer, but would they merely have her take a deal? Would they hear her out or anything of the like?

"Do you want a lawyer?" Misti asked, to which Wanda stayed silent.

"I would like my one call." And God, it was so tempting to simply manipulate the people around her, but no...she wasn't a monster. She wouldn't make herself out to be what they thought.
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It didn't take long for Wanda to get to their meeting spot, though Davos might have a hard time finding her. Wanda wasn't wearing her normal attire. Her hair was up in a pony tail, a ball cap on her head and sunglasses to hide her eyes. She wore a red, button up shirt with form fitting jeans and tennis shoes to match. She looked more like a tourist, but considering people knew her was best to keep it hidden. She didn't want Davos to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight and wind up on television.

At least she wasn't stuck in the Tower. At least now, she was going outside to enjoy some parts of the city. She hadn't been getting much sleep in the past few nights, so she was looking forward to meditating. On top of that, she was eager to see how her friend was doing.
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[Wanda was sitting on the floor, ignoring the hum of the power of the prison she was in. There wasn't much she could say or do. Struggling against her binds hasn't gotten her anywhere. The guards are smart, not daring to release her so she could feed herself. Anything around her could be used a weapon. She's lucky they didn't opt to do anything else to her, to make her feel more of a monster than she did. Her body was still sore from the interrogation where questions and beatings went hand in hand. All of them were upset at Tony, pissed off that it came to this. For all of them to be in this cell and treated like they were criminals.

They were doing what they believed was right. Steve was right. They didn't need to be at the beck and call of a political power. Having a government be in control of made her think of HYDRA. The time she spent with them, being experimented on until her powers came alive. At the time, she did it to protect her country, but that was the first of many mistakes.

The family she had was gone, and now the family she tried to be apart of...they were here. One choice, one act, that had such a domino effect... Perhaps she was a monster.]


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